Products & Services

Processing Services

Combining extensive in-house equipment with a network of approved sub-contract specialists ensures you of cost-effective component manufacturing, including:

  • Decoiling of Sheet & Plate to bespoke Blanks
  • Bar, Tube & Pipe Cutting
    • Bar Sawing: Capacity up to 16" (406mm) Diameter
    • Pipe and Tube can be cut to bespoke lengths
  • Polishing and Protective Coating
    • Thickness Range: 0.7mm to 6mm
    • Maximum Sheet Size: 4000 x 1500
    • Finishes: 120 grit to 240 Silicon
    • A range of protective PVC Coatings can be applied including Laser Quality
  • Anodising & Colour Anodising
  • Perforating, Bending, Machining, Threading, Coiling